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The Indian Montessori Centre - A Brief History

Montessori Teacher Training - video

Dr. Maria Montessori came to India in 1939 and stayed on for a considerable period of time. It was during her stay here that she founded  the Indian Montessori Training Course. She was assisted in this effort by her son Mario Montessori and Albert Max Joosten. She appointed Mr.Joosten as her personal representative to continue the conduct of the Indian Montessori Training Course. S. R. Swamy a student of Dr. Maria also joined Mr Joosten  They conducted the Indian Montessori Training Course in the different cities of the country for several years..

The Society for Further Propagation of the Montessori Movement (FPMM) in India was started in Kolkatta to commemorate the sixtieth birthday of Mr.Joosten. After successfully conducting two Indian Montessori Training Courses in Bangalore in 1980  Mr.Swamy set up the Bangalore chapter of the FPMM. Mr.Swamy became the Chairman of FPMM, Bangalore. Later when the Indian Montessori Centre was formed the FPMM was merged with it and Mr.Swamy was appointed the first Chairman of the Indian Montessori Centre.