As mentioned earlier, the popularity of the Montessori methodology is ever-growing. Many schools in a bid to cash in on this popularity claim to be following the Montessori System while in reality they seldom do so. In fact, many such schools do not even have a single Montessori-trained adult on their rolls. Some of these schools do not have the basic materials which form a part of the Montessori environment.

To address this issue, the Indian Montessori Centre has begun providing recognition to Montessori Houses of Children which truly follow Montessori principles to guide children. Parents can be sure about the authenticity of Montessori Houses of Children recognised by the Indian Montessori Centre. They can be secure that these Montessori Houses of Children are run on the lines envisaged by Dr. Maria Montessori.

The Indian Montessori Centre rigorously scrutinizes the functioning of these Montessori Houses of Children before providing them with the recognition. The school will have to strictly follow the guidelines provided by the IMC to retain the recognition. It also provides consultation to these Houses of Children, and guides them on the implementation of the Montessorian principles from time to time. These Houses of Children will need to renew their Recognition periodically.