The TN Chapter of IMC had a meeting with heads of schools and two teachers per school on Saturday 26 October 2013. The Objective was to establish synergy between IMC and the schools in Tamil Nadu. Mr.B.S. Sujay, Secretary General, IMC was present and addressed the gathering. He shared his experiences of the AMI Conference in the USA. His talk on Imagination and Pretend Play based on one of the talks he attended at Portland was informative and thought provoking.It was great that the members here had an opportunity to meet the new Sec Gen.

The last session on why the Montessori method had not spread further and wider was an interactive session with an energetic and lively participation by the members.

The meeting was the beginning of a lot of work that needs to be done to meaningfully increase the "awareness level" and with "communication" which is more effective while propagating and reaching out to the people who matter so that the method spreads.

There were little over 70 who participated . All the participants, we are sure would have left a lot more thoughtful, wiser and buoyant.

As the next step we will share all the inputs received from the participants and engage them with solutions and define 2-3 objectives to achieve and have a tangible and workable action plan

Once something tangible can be achieved with the team to present to the school heads then we can think of SYNERGY II meet in JULY 2014 and roll out the next step. However we will deliberate as a team and see the progress.

With warm regards,

Uma Shanker
Director general, IMC

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