This method changed my perspective on education.It taught me that only through observation can one find out the needs of the child and assist him in his task of self development.
Throughout the course there were lectures by eminent montessorians which was an experience in itself and helped me understand the Montessori philosophy.Practical sessions provided the hands on experience of Montessori materials.Observation sessions held in Montessori schools further helped highlight the importance of observing the child .
There was a lot of work to do in the course which turned out to be a great help for me to further broaden my understanding.

Now ,I am very proud of my work as a montessorian and I am glad to be part of this progressive method of education which not only aids the child's life but also helps the adult to understand the child and play a non interfering, assistential role in his life.

Educational Quallification - Graduate in Botany
Previously was a Home maker

Rajani Rajan