For people who are interested in learning more about the Montessori philosophy but are not able to attend the regular class room courses, OMTC is a boon. All the study material can be accessed online and the assignments also can be submitted online. The feedback from the evaluators for all the submitted work helps the student get a clear insight about the content presented in the modules. This course is meant for administrators. Entrepreneurs who want to start their own house of children also find this course very useful. Adults who are already in the education field and are keen to know about this revolutionary Method also have benefitted from this course.

The duration of the course is nine months. A certificate is issued to the student from IMC at the end of the course if he/she has submitted all the relevant assignments and tests satisfactorily.


This course is designed keeping in mind the needs of the people in the smaller towns and rural areas. The idea is to take the Montessori message to all corners of India including the places that are not touched by the internet. The content of the modules is same as the online course. All the material is sent by post to the student. The students are expected to submit the hard copies of the assignment submissions by post. The feedback from the evaluators is sent to the students to guide them. The duration is nine months at the end of which the student is awarded the certificate of completion if all the necessary assignments and tests are submitted in a satisfactory manner.


This course is specifically meant for parents who want to know how to apply the Montessori principles in their home environment. The duration of this online course is four months. As of now this course is being offered free of cost to members of IMC. The content is relevant for parents who have children in the age group of 0 to 12 years. Prospective parents and grandparents also join this course. Since its inception in the year 2014 many parents whose children go to the Montessori houses of children enrolled for this program.


IMC provides support to people who are interested in opening new houses of children or who want to change from a conventional school model to a Montessori House of children. The services can be customized to meet the requirements of the school. As part of the services we not only help with the pedagogy but also provide assistance with the practical aspects of setting up the House of children. During this initial hand holding process we can conduct parent orientation programs to create awareness and come up with impressive publicity material like brochures and leaflets to boost your admissions. Putting in place efficient record keeping practices so that you can manage the House of children even when we are not around is part of these services. We strive to make you independent and competent to oversee the operations of your House of children.


IMC Connect meetings are held every month where Montessorians meet to discuss various topics of interest. In addition to people from the academic background we invite distinguished individuals from fields of medicine and psychology to come and present some topics. Typically eight to ten meetings are held in a calendar year at different locations. These meetings not only provide a space for discussions but also create an opportunity for likeminded people to meet and work together. The entry is free of cost and usually is scheduled on Saturdays.


Parent orientation programs are conducted in Montessori houses of children to create awareness in the parents about the Montessori principles and Method. These programs help the parents to contrive an environment that is conducive for the overall development of the child. Most of the schools conduct atleast one orientation program each academic year in their premises to foster the understanding about this fascinating Method among the parents.


Refresher courses are conducted for working Montessorians. Not only will it help the adults to polish the details they have learnt but also will give them a chance to get introduced to new material.


In a bid to collaborate with other organizations and spread the Montessori movement to even remote corners of India Paraspara has been envisaged. As part of this program we have worked with Dalai Lama Institute of higher learning, National institute of Advanced studies, Army school , Delhi Pubic school in Jalandar, Hamara Sansar in Indore, Senthil public school in Salem, Hindu Prathisthana schools in rural Karnataka and Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement in HG Kote etc in the past. We help teachers to get greater insight about the child.


The internship program came into being to meet the requirements of students who completed the course and are about to start their career. This platform offers support to the adults who started working with the children in the first year so that they gain confidence in their work environment. The advice and guidance from experienced mentors is invaluable for the adults during their first year of work. During this program the interns will be interacting with mentors both at the house of children and at the Internship cell to get their doubts clarified. At the end of each internship program the interns vouch that this program has enabled them to effectually apply what they have learnt in the course when working with children.


This House of children is run to touch the lives of children of financially needy parents. This school has been running successfully from 2007. We started this house of children in commemoration of the centenary year of First ever House of children in 1907. IMC bears the financial responsibility of the operating costs of Madhurya. Many children from the economically weaker sections of the community have managed to reap the benefits of educating their children without having to pay hefty fees.


A dedicated team of professionals are constantly working on producing & releasing of books, periodical magazines, Productions of Audio Cds etc. The list of our publications is available on our website These books will whet the appetite of not only the novice readers but also the reader who wants to delve deep into the Montessori principles.

Music CDs that have been scripted keeping in mind the Montessori principles have been popular among the young minds. The multilingual rhymes based on realistic themes stimulate the senses of the children.


It is a bi- annual magazine published in January and August of every year to coincide with the opening of the first House of Children on 6th January and Montessori’s birth anniversary on 31st August.