•   Development Psychology Program JAN-FEB 2014

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Dear Friends,

Indian Montessori Centre -IMC (TN Chapter) and Nurture - Montessori house of children are delighted to offer a program on Development psychology (children aged 0-6)

  • Development psychology will be explored from the following perspective:

1. Is learning natural to children or do children need to be cajoled or coerced, bribed or rewarded in order to make them learn

2. What do we understand when we talk about development with regard to children and what bearing does in have to learning and education?

3. What do we understand by the word PLAY and how does it relate to children.

4. What is creativity – and how can we help our children be creative.

5. Freedom and responsibility – how much of the former should we give children and how much of the later may we expect from the children.

6. How can we make our children more disciplined from within without external action or emphasis

7. What do we understand as obedience and how do we receive this from children.

8. Do children who are respected grow to be very different from children who are not?

9. Is there any element of emotional or physical unintentional abuse in our dealing with children? Is it possible to be completely non-authoritative in our dealing with children?

10. How do we create a home environment that is best suited for the growth and development of our children?

Who is it for?
Parents, Teachers, Grandparents, NGO associates, Medical Practioners, Policy makers in education field and anyone who is interested in the development of the child.

The aim of this program is to reach out to all the people especially parents and teachers in the society who are with children and are directly or indirectly responsible or in many ways facilitate the development of the child.

The thoughtful parents and guardians are many times not certain on whether they are doing the right thing at home and the school. This program will open up perspectives which will make you think deep before you act while engaging with the children.

Start Date: 18th JANUARY 2014
The sessions will be on all the SATURDAYS until 22nd March 2014
End Date: 22nd MARCH 2014.
Time - 2:30pm to 4:00pm

Ms. Chitra Mani has more than three decades of experience in the education field and has been a part of the faculty of CMTC – Centre for Montessori Training, Chennai (www.cmtcindia.org) for several years.

Where will it be held?

All the sessions will be conducted at: Nurture – Montessori house of children, No. 9 (old 1773), 1st Street, I Block, Anna Nagar West, Chennai 600 040. For enquiries and location map please refer to www.NurtureSchool.com

For Enquiries:

Please email to imc_tn@indianmontessoricentre.org or call Ms. Suguna on Weekdays ONLY between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm at 98414-15394
Address: Indian Montessori Centre- Tamil Nadu Chapter2 / 1, Habib complex, 5, Durgabai Deshmukh Road, R.A.Puram, Chennai 600 028. P: +91 44 2495 1077. www.IndianMontessoriCentre.org

Fee Details:

For each session (i.e. per Saturday class): IMC Members: Rs.150 /- Non-members: Rs. 200/-
Please contact Ms. Suguna at 98414-15394 for registration and to get further info.

Kind Regards
Madhavi Ajay
Vice Chairman – IMC TN Chapter

  •   Maitri 2012 – One Day Conference  : JANUARY 21, 2012
    Indian Montessori Centre had announced the launch of MAITRI 2012 – a daylong conference aimed at encouraging fellowship and professional development of Montessori educators, be they teachers, trainers, heads of schools, alumni or parents. 

    Chief Guests of the occasion were US based
    Dr. Angeline S Lillard, and her mother Ms. Paula Polk Lillard, and Ms. Lynn Lillard Jessen. All the three are experts in the pedagogy & education systems for the formative and primary years.  

    Around 375 delegates participated in the conference including teachers, parents, school heads, professors, students of psychology, educational policy makers, researchers in child development studies and education departments. 

    The IMC and the conference itself were widely covered by the press in Chennai. Over 25 newspapers and periodicals covered the event or discussed about the event, with very positive reviews. The Hindu, Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle, and Parent Circle Magazine had especially covered not only the event but also written in depth about the positive aspects of the principles and the methodology and how it is so relevant in the contemporary world, and how the “Montessori Phenomenon” was catching on. Apart from this 2 major Tamil TV News channels showed footages of the event and also interviewed a few delegates.

  • On January 24, 2012, Ms. Lynn Lillard Jessen conducted a workshop for the parents and CMTC Students about creating appropriate environments at home/school for children from fifteen months to 3 years. There were about 30 participants and was very useful for the students and parents.   
  • May 21-25, 2012: IMC along with a Montessori house of children in Chennai had set up a stall and did some propagation through TWO Workshops for the parents who were employees of a local MNC in Chennai. Total parents participation was around 60 and some books and CDs were also sold.

  • Membership drive : Posters were made and distributed to all the member schools : New Institutional member “The Pupil” school.

  • 5 New member schools (including the ones with provisional status) : 
    - Kongu International School, Erode
    - Temple Tree, Chennai
    - Srigurukulam, Hosur
    -     Nurture Montessori school, Chennai
    -   Al- Qmar Academy
    -   Acharya School, Trichy
  • IMC- TN will be launching a new edition of newsletter in September 2012   


  • JULY  2011  - HOW TO SETTLE DOWN NEW CHILDREN by Sunitha Subramanium
    How to settle new children in the environment. Very good tips and suggestions were discussed on how without disturbing the older children the new entrants can be made to settle down   
    No of Attendees: 26 at Stepping Stone Montessori School.
    Very interactive session on the - Process of Observation ; what are the typical challenges;
    Process for recording of the observations 
    No of Attendees: 26 At Vruksha Montessori School.
  • SEPT 2011  - CHINESE AWARD WINNING FILM “NOT ONE LESS” was screen as part of the TEACHERS DAY celebration.
    The relationship between the teacher and the child is a special one as seen in this  sensitive portrayal of a Chinese village school.   
    No of Attendees: 10 at  Nishta Montessori School.
  • OCT  2011 – SENSORY INTEGRATION by Malika Ganapathy
    Synopsis of the theme addressed in the workshop:
    Our nervous system facilitates (attends) to a few of the information and inhibits (avoids/relaxes) the others as per necessity. A smooth transition and shift between these two processes leads to modulation (balance) and an effective integration of all the sensory inputs enabling us to function appropriately in the environment.    No of Attendees: 16 at Sharanalaya Montessori School.

  • NOV  2011  - REPORT WRITING by Shobana Vaidianathan
    This program covered the good practices in Report Writing. As adults in Montessori house of children what are the critical parameters you should pay attention to and how over a period of time you build a incisive, objective report?  How do you convey the level of progress being made in a balanced manner? – All of these and many more of these aspects were introspected and discussed in this interactive workshop.   
    No of Attendees: 22 at Smile Montessori School.

    While working with the children we often struggle to find ways of introducing new things to the child in a proper manner. In this workshop we will share, understand and learn together to take art to the children in a systematic and effective manner, keeping the child in mind.
    It will help us offer art to the children across all the 3 age groups and how to pace the flow of  art activities that we can offer to the children.
    No of Attendees: 40 at Nurture Montessori School.

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