AVALOKANA A programme for trained Montessorians to review aspects of the Montessori Methodology, chewing the cud, as it were.


SWADHYAYA Trained directors and aspiring directors gather to discuss means and methods of improving the training - content and methodology.
MADHURYA ABHYASA Dynamic Montessori environment for children whose parents belonging to the economically weaker section.
CD's of NURSERY RHYMES 1. Genuine Gems  - Vol.1
2. Genuine Gems  - Vol 2
3. All kinds of Everything
4. Toodlelama
PROVISIONAL RECOGNITION Recognition of Montessori Houses of Children is done by the Indian Montessori Centre. One of the stipulations being that the institution should have functioned for a minimum of three years, the Indian Montessori Centre - Karnataka Chapter offers provisional recognition to institutions that have functioned for less than three years. The assumption here is that three years these Houses of Children will apply for recognition.
UJJWALA: This is a forum for the various administrators of Houses of Children to meet periodically to share their good practices, learning, achievements, improvement areas, and joy / success stories. This forum facilitates to bring in some uniformity in several areas of functioning. The name indicates that even good work needs to be polished for brighter sheen.
FOLLOW THE CHILD A magazine that is the crowning glory of work the chapter does for the Montessori movement. For a small amount of Rs.50 it gives a deep insight into the Montessori thoughts and principles. Even the advertisements reveal the spreading of the movement.
CONSULTANCY: Small or big persons need guidance when they want to start Houses of children based on Montessori principles. Many of the little nuances of the Montessori methods at times escape the attention. Our team of consultants will be able to provide the necessary advice. The fees will be determined based on the type of consultancy that is required.
LIBRARY: In a small way a lending library has been established in our office at JP Nagar 3rd Phase, Bangalore. Though it is aimed at helping the students of the Indian Montessori Training Centre, it will cater to the needs of everyone  who is interested.
Online & Correspondence Montessori Training Course: Many who are interested in training themselves in the Montessori Method under IMC, find various situations create hurdles in doing the classroom courses. The Online Montessori Training course provides scope for doing the training from the comfort of their homes. It is directed mainly towards administrators, parents and those who want to know the child.


Second saturdays are exciting days for Montessori enthusiasts especially those who work for children. They are held in different parts of the city. The interactive sessions deal with several issues relating to child education and development.


Those who take the Montessori training course wonder at the different angles from which education via Montessori Method can be understood. Paucity of time and space prevent the understanding of the Montessori thoughts in a larger and vide perspective. The trained Montessorians and those who work with children meet often, share their experiences. Experts contribute different areas for expansion of work. With Montessori the sky is the limit for expansion.


Popular book TMH
(Take Montessori Home) which is in English
( A practical little handbook for parents keen on providing a stimulating, learning atmosphere at home during a child's growing years ) is translated in to Tamil and Kannada  Languages. 
It is called ' Veetukku Veedu'  in tamil and 'Mane Manegu Montessori' in Kannada.

Lions Look at Montessori 
(A aerial view of the Montessori Method.)

Montessori Directress 
(This book deals with the preparation of the Montessori Directress at the spiritual, intellectual and technical levels.)

Follow the Child Magazine 
(A bi-annual magazine . The books are interesting.  They make a good addition to your library for further reference.)

Other publications of IMC :

Gateways to Montessori  -  Theory 
Gateways to Montessori  -  Practicals

(The above two books  gives insight into the Theoretical and Practical aspects of the Montessori method )

Towards Healthy Humanity
(A collection of articles by Mr.A.M.Joosten )

A year with Maria Montessori
(Experiences of Sri Shankar Datta Pandey with Dr.Maria Montessori during the training course,
six decades ago, in Kodaikanal.  It makes very interesting reading.)

Mario Montessori Muses Vol 1, 2,3.
(Collection of interesting articles by Mr.Mario Montessori.

Excercises of Practical life: vol.1 and vol.2 
(practical application of the method dealing with the presentation of the activities)

Kannada Language Activities 
(How to present Kannada Language to Learners)

Online Parenting Program: The online program is designed for those parents who want to explore the Montessori method of parenting their child.