In 2004, 15 Montessori Houses of Children were awarded a two-year recognition that indicates that the institutions are meeting stipulated minimum requirements, following the Montessori method based on the principles and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. At the end of the two-year period the schools have applied for the renewal of the recognition. A few more schools in Bangalore, Chennai and Erode have also been recognised. The link on the left 'Schools Recognised by the Indian Montessori Centre' gives the list of all the latest recognised schools. The recognition period is now valid for 3 years.

Why did the Indian Montessori Centre embarked on a formal Recognition of Montessori Houses of Children

According to Dr. Montessori's vision, Montessori House of Children are places where children live for a part of the day, performing and managing all that are done at home. They would have many things to learn like writing, reading, drawing and the like.

Bonafide Montessori work involves mainly three things - the space, the educational materials and the Montessori method. To ensure that all these are available there has to be a trained adult, supremely committed and dedicated. Continuous alertness is needed in offering the appropriate service to every child.

What bothers many is that there are many who want to take advantage of the popularity of the name Montessori rather than pay attention to the service of the child with respect and love.

Many schools exist that call themselves Montessori but do not follow the Montessori principles or philosophy. Parents who approach such schools have no way of judging whether their children will learn in a true Montessori environment with the help of qualified Montessori adults.

To combat this situation, as a very small measure, the Indian Montessori Centre is awarding recognition to schools that follow the Montessori method of education to help children.

It was decided that the persons in charge of the Montessori houses of children could make the assessment themselves. A model of the various requirements of a genuine Montessori house of children was prepared.

To find out the details of working, a self-appraisal form was drafted which needs to be filled in by the persons concerned. After receiving the self-appraisal forms, the governing body decides on the Certificate of Recognition and also the time span for which it will be valid. The reports are scrutinized by a committee of experienced Montessorians.

Certificates of Recognition have been awarded to all the recognised schools. The Certificates have been awarded along with suggestions for improved work conditions. The Indian Montessori Centre believes that the Certificate of Recognition will not make the educational institutions think that they have reached the acme of perfection. The Indian Montessori Centre hopes that this will give the schools a boost of encouragement which will, eventually, reach the children who will become healthy in their psyche and physique.