The Indian Montessori Centre is among the few Montessori organizations which offers a Director's Training Course.

Eligibility for the Director's Training Course:

  1. The candidate must be in possession of the diploma in Montessori (3 to 6 years). IMTC diploma is preferable.
  2. Work experience in a Montessori House of children is required.
  3. Academic knowledge of the books by Dr. Montessori and about the Montessori Method is essential.
  4. General knowledge especially pertaining to Child Education and development is welcome. If not it must be acquired during the training.
  5. Good command over the language (Presently English or Kannada) is very is essential.
  6. Maintaining good human relations must be a positive feature in the personality. The tasks include maintaining relations with schools, file readers, public enquiries, administration, students etc.
  7. Good health
  8. Professional ethics
  9. The duration of the training is not specified exactly. A minimum of two/three; years is estimated. The certificate will be, issued on the successful completion of the practical and paper work.
  10. Practical HANDS-ON training will be it an existing training centre approved by the Indian Montessori Centre. There will be no remuneration / stipend for the work done at the centre. There will be no fee charged for the training.
  11. The decisions of the panel of members of the scrutiny committee are final.
  12. It will be necessary to appear for a preliminary interview after the application is processed and accepted. The candidate should be prepared to undertake any travel that may be necessary for this.
  13. While at the training centre attendance at all lectures is mandatory. Exhaustive notes should be taken while listening to the lectures.
  14. Assessment of progress will be done every six months.

Areas of Training

  1. Organizing and maintaining the classroom - chairs, tables, notice board, furniture, practice room, equipment, administrative material. General care of the environment.
  2. Maintenance of registers -- Registration registers, admission registers, Attendance registers, Consolidated register, work registers (Theory and practice), Planning for topics, Practice class schedules, Observation schedules, Examination schedules for students and examiners. Correspondence form letters.
  3. Maintenance of cash registers, receipt books, money transactions.
  4. Order of stationery and other student requisites.
  5. Maintenance of Montessori material and making inventories, mending damaged materials, making new materials, purchase of necessary equipment.
  6. Display of material.
  7. Distribution of material files to the file readers and receiving them. Follow up work with the students.


  1. Supervising practical sessions answering questions asked by students, asking questions, give guidance to students with regard to all aspects of training, maintaining discipline.
  2. Give instructions with regard to material preparations nomenclature cards, other requisite material to be prepared by the students.
  3. Give demonstrations of presentations (all areas of developmental activities) after discussing with the person in charge of training.
  4. Giving directions, checking and correction of material files, prepared by the students. Consolidated files at the and of the course.
  5. School visits to organize school observation by students.
  6. Correction and assessment of written work done by students.
  7. In-depth study of books by Dr. Maria Montessori and about Dr. Montessori.
  8. Making of material file relating how they are to be presented to the students. It includes the mention of the scientific nature of Montessori method and material.
  9. Write papers on particular topics specified by the panel. General, Theory, Psychology, on relevant topics with the students taken in smaller groups.
  10. Conducted discussions on relevant topics with the students taken in smaller groups.
  11. Setting question papers.
  12. Assessing examination papers.
  13. Give talks on Psychology and Theory of Montessori method.